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We know your market and how to print high quality Prime Labels for your brand

Lintec serves a wide range of customers, with varying needs, time constraints, manufacturing and distribution requirements and buying cycles. We print labels for multiple industries, including: food & beverage, nutraceutical, health care and personal hygiene, automotive, packaging and shipping and many more.

Food & Beverage Label Markets

Lintec specializes in flexographic food label printing production. Food labels require special application to ensure they can stand up to in-store and at home abuse and exposure, including heat, moisture and freezing conditions. We understand your needs for clean production operations, food label printing quality control and material specifications. Accordingly, our manufacturing processes are designed specifically to adhere to industry standard regulations. We will help you specify the right label material and adhesive specifications for your food and beverage labels.

Nutraceutical & Health Care Markets

Your customers are looking to improve themselves and to live a healthy life full of vitality. At Lintec, we resonate with that message and understand your market, what your needs are, and how to deliver quality label products. We have mastered the unique printing requirements and quality control check points for producing labels for the nutraceutical and health care markets, along with the business processes to ensure we are in compliance with these regulations.
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Packaging & Shipping Label Markets

Your product packaging labels need to stand up to the punishment during the shipping and handling process from your warehouse to your distribution centers. Lintec has been producing packaging and shipping labels for a broad variety of applications that cover many harsh conditions. We design, develop and produce clean looking, durable labels that can handle the abuse.


Beyond printing great labels, Lintec provides a variety of services to make your job easier.

Our services

Graphic Design Services

Whether you are looking to enhance your logo, your images or graphic layout, we have the in-house graphic designers to help you with your project. If you require a complete technical illustration, graphic or logo created from scratch, we can help. Lintec will review your requirements with you, design compositions for review and then move ahead with final graphics production to support various outputs.


When we receive your artwork, it will undergo a rigorous pre-press quality control inspection, that isolates trapping issues, overprint issues, font conflicts, colour definition or ink density issues that arise during the pre-press stage and review.

Print Layout & Imposition

There is more to branding than just getting the colour right. Your print layout, your font, the feel your customers get when they pick up that printed piece, it is all part of the equation. Getting the layout right is crucial to sending the right message. Lintec can help you tell your story and setup a page layout that you and your customers will resonate with. On the technical side, we will also take care of your print imposition layout for press production, making sure we are printing with the maximum efficiencies possible for your print job.

Colour Correction

Bring your images to life and express the true meaning, passion and message you are aiming for. Colour correction and enhancements isolate and focus attention to bring out the desired effect and tap into the emotions of your customers.

Our services

Printing Inventory Management & Warehousing

As a service to our customers, Lintec will assist with print inventory control management and warehousing for our customers.
We can reduce turnaround around time and costs by producing in advance and releasing from our warehouse. We can produce blanket production orders at a customer's request, or set minimum levels and take care of inventory management.

Commercial Printing

• Business Forms & Tags
• Business Cards & Letterheads
• Brochures & User Manuals
• Newsletters & Booklets
• Binding & Folding
• Trimming
• Collation & Inserting
• Packaging & Shipping