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We make a great product, but there is no doubt that we are in the business of people. At Lintec, we are committed, passionate and uncompromising in our quest to deliver the best customer service imaginable. This means providing our customers with valuable insights and recommendations, quick turnaround times, fast and flexible delivery options, while maintaining a premium standard of quality. Our vision and unassailable desire to exceed your expectations is what makes our team at Lintec something special, and not what you would expect from an industrial supplier. We are your partners.

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Our Capabilities

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Our Customer Teams Look Like...

Account Management

Committed to your business as a whole and your individual success. A valued member of your team.

Production Co-Ordinator

Providing customers with clarity and accuracy of pricing, production and delivery.

Graphic Design

Sublime design and production capabilities, enhancing your images or creating from scratch.


Mastery of plates, dies, printing and all things technical, delivering exceptional quality.


Ensuring the back-of-house runs like a well-oiled machine, from proof to press.

Business Development

Dedicated to your increased success through working in partnership with the Lintec team.


Establishing the culture, team and systems designed to exceed your expectations and build strong, lasting relationships.

You will like working with our Team!

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Not a cliché in our shop. We are obsessed with being the best in the industry. Our work shows.


Experience that Delivers. Press Operators with over 50 combined years of flexography expertise.


We operate with a human touch. Our phone is always answered, never automated!

We started over 20 years ago!

Lintec Label & Print Solutions started over 20 years ago, cutting its teeth in the printing industry, printing business forms. Business forms were a vital tool for many business workflow processes. As the digital revolution and many other workflow efficiencies made most business form workflows obsolete, Lintec quickly realized the need to diversify the business and concentrate on the Prime Label Printing Market. Being innovative and nimble on behalf of our clients is a calling card of our business.

Lintec provides:

• Prime Labels (up to 10 colours)
• Thermal Transfer Labels
• Direct Thermal Labels
• Graphic Design
• Commercial Printing Services
• Digital Print Services