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Prime labels (the labels featured on the front of your product) play a critical role in conveying your brand essence to consumers. With a tremendous number of flexographic label designs and quality options to choose from, determining the appropriate label can be a daunting task. Here at Label U, we outline the key factors you need to know in selecting the right prime label for your product.

Technical Considerations for Choosing Packaging and Labelling Materials

Important to know where your product will “live”

Freezing. You don’t want labels falling off due to thermal contraction.

High temperatures causing the adhesive to soften.

Simple exposure to sunlight causing fading.


Application - Different Surfaces can require different labels?

Aside from environmental factors the prime label will be exposed to, you also need to consider what materials you are placing the label onto. Will your prime label be applied to plastics, glass, or metal, and are there textures on the surface that you should consider during the material selection process?

Print Quality Matters

Branding and design are important, of course, but don’t overlook the printing technology available. High resolution is extraordinarily appealing to the consumer and will present your product in the best possible light. During packaging, the company may opt to incorporate different print styles and application techniques. Poor comprehension of the printing technology can lead the purchaser to incur significant loss of labels and time.

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Choosing the Right Adhesive Material

Choosing the appropriate adhesive is a combination of the material’s strength and its long-term durability. We must take into consideration what we already learned about ambient conditions, such as temperature, humidity, and sunlight exposure, as well as the surface materials you are applying the labels to (i.e. cardboard, glass, metal, or plastics), and how coarse or smooth the surface texture is.

Acrylic Adhesives

Acrylic adhesives are noted for long term bonding and UV resistance in outdoor applications. They also offer excellent resistance to most common chemical solvents. Acrylic adhesives may have higher initial costs but offer superior durability.

Rubber Based Adhesives

Rubber-based adhesives are widely used for short-term general purpose indoor applications because of their instant bonding and low costs. However, they are susceptible to common chemicals and UV exposure.

Prime Label Adhesives Designed for Freezer Conditions

Cold temp adhesives are used for labels designed to be applied to cold surfaces, typically below 25°F.

Lintec has always used prime label materials, adhesives, and processes designed specifically to comply with FDA certification standards.

Most Common Label Products


How to Choose?

Direct Thermal Labels vs Thermal Transfer Labels

Direct Thermal Labels
Direct Thermal Labels are a cost effective solution for label applications, specifically if your colour is simply black and white. Direct Thermal Labels have a shelf life of up to one year, and are perfect for shipping labels, food labels and any short-term applications. Although Direct Thermal Labels are cost-effective, there are limitations, as they are not quite as durable and friction can wear off the printing on the label. Direct Thermal Labels are also not ideal for applications where direct contact to sunlight is a factor. Over time, the Direct Thermal Label will darken from light exposure. If you need cost-effective thermal labels that can handle friction from product movement etc., or you need a shelf life greater than one year, then Thermal Transfer Labels would be a more suitable solution for your application.
Thermal Transfer Labels
Thermal Transfer Labels are perfect for applications where you need high density bar codes, high quality printing that can take some punishment, and weather the sunlight. Thermal Transfer Labels have a shelf life of more than one year and can take some heat, while not fading. Thermal Transfer Labels are made with durable papers and substrates designed to take some friction, while also enabling you to print in colour. If your label application does not require a longer shelf life (more than one year), or the durability to take the punishment, then Direct Thermal Labels are a cost effective option for you to consider.

Selecting the Right Print Partner

Selecting a label printing supplier does not have to be a complicated process; it is often a matter of efficiency compared to expediency. Getting it right can reduce production lead times and costs, while maintaining your brand integrity.

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How extensive is the client base?

The more extensive the existing client base of a printing supplier is, the greater the likelihood that they will be able to serve your prime label needs. Repeat business and long term customer relationships offer definitive proof that the label printing supplier is reliable, that they produce quality work, and that they are worthy of your consideration.
Lintec has been servicing multi-industry clients for many years, providing quality prime label printing, fulfilling repeat orders, with rapid turnaround times.

Does the supplier have experience?

Experience of a label producer is also a worthwhile indicator to consider. While it does not necessarily mean that a newer label printing supplier is not worth investigating, a printing supplier who has endured for many years has obviously invested in hiring experienced flexographic label press operators, and consequently is in a much better position to provide you will quality prime label printing.
Lintec has been innovating and delivering on behalf of its customers for over twenty years, with several team members who have been with us for 10+ years. Our in-house expertise runs deep.
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Does the supplier have the right technology?

Have a look at the printing capabilities of course, but more importantly, the technology the label printing supplier has invested in. Are they going to be a helpful label printing vendor for your company? Can they solve your problems and offer appropriate solutions? Make sure your chosen supplier can take care of all of your printing needs.
Lintec has invested in High Definition ESKO Printing Plate and Imaging Systems, as well as multi-colour flexographic printing presses, with efficient, high quality flexographic prime label printing output. We have the muscle, creativity and delicate touch to deliver on virtually any job.