About Lintec
We get the job done on time and under budget; we make it our business to know your business.

Our roots.

Lintec Label Solutions started over 30 years ago, cutting its teeth in the printing industry printing business forms. We’ve adapted alongside the digital revolution and now concentrate our expertise in the prime label and packaging market.

Being innovative and nimble on behalf of our clients is a calling card of our business, and Lintec is proud to have invested in leading-edge technology that allows us to meet evolving market trends, industry standards and the creative vision and logistical needs of our partner. There’s a reason we’re labeled as the experts – our team is passionate about finding you the fast, high quality solutions you’ve been looking for.

Our core values.

We Care

Doing what’s best and going the extra mile for our team, customers and company is our commitment. Where it’s covering for someone else, recognizing a job well done, or simply being a good listener, collaborating with empathy, integrity, dignity and understanding is how we help each other grow.

Labelled as the expert

Expertise. We harness the collective insights and expertise from all departments. Our customers trust and rely on it. Knowledge, though, is never stagnant. Staying ahead of industry trends, market shifts and continuously evolving our best approaches is how we remain on top.

Be the hero

Not all superheros wear capes! Be the person that colleagues and customers can turn to when they need rescuing. Over deliver on promises, make necessary pivots, meet timelines and never, ever, says “it’s not my problem”.

Find the solution

Keeping customers happy keeps us in business. When challenges occur, dig deep, collaborate, devise the plan and solve the problem. Don’t be held captive by “how it’s always been done”. The unconventional approach may be the key to getting the job won.

Our Customer Team

Customer Service

Ensuring a smooth transition from concept to completion. We crunch more than just numbers!

Business Development

Dedicated to your increased success through working in partnership with the Lintec team.


Mastery of plates, dies, printing and all things technical, delivering exceptional quality.

Operations & General Management

Ensuring the back and front of the house runs like a well-oiled machine, from proof to press.

Production Co-Ordinator

Providing customers with clarity and accuracy of pricing, production and delivery.

Graphic Design

Let us wave our magic wand for you! We can take your ideas from concept to complete in a few short steps.

Graphic Design

Sublime design and production capabilities, enhancing your images or creating from scratch.

Office Management

We don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers! Continuing to build solid customer relationships as a foundation for success, is a passion of ours.

Our Team is..

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