Markets & Industries

We know your market and how to print high quality Prime Labels for your brand

Lintec serves a wide range of customers, with varying needs, time constraints, manufacturing and distribution requirements and buying cycles. We print labels for multiple industries:

Health & Beauty

Your customers are looking to improve themselves and to live a healthy life full of vitality. At Lintec, we resonate with that message and understand your market, what your needs are, and how to deliver quality label products. We have mastered the unique printing requirements and quality control check points for producing labels for the nutraceutical, personal care and health care markets, along with the business processes to ensure we are in compliance with these regulations.


Lintec specializes in flexographic food label printing production. Food labels require special application to ensure they can stand up to in-store and at home use and exposure, including heat, moisture and freezing conditions. We understand your needs for clean production operations, food label printing quality control and material specifications. Lintec specializes in flexographic labels designed specifically to adhere to industry standard regulations. We will help you specify the right label material and adhesive specifications for products.


A range of solutions that grab customers’ attention, increase brand awareness, and explains why your product is right for them. Lintec offers a wide variety of solutions for your nutraceuticals or supplement labels. Our experts recommend the type of ink, label material, and adhesive based on your specific requirements.

Snack Food

High quality, beautiful packaging in any size – from on-the-go to share size. At Lintec, we have a variety of products and capabilities for snack foods like tamper seals, lamination, hot foil stamping, flexible packaging, and more. We are dedicated to providing your product with the versatility it needs and the custom label it deserves.

Food & Beverage

In highly competitive and closely regulated industries, your labels must be both eye-catching and compliant with standard regulations. Lintec has the expertise and equipment to help your product stand out on the shelves, withstand shipping, handling and storage processes, and meet industry labeling requirements.

Confectionary & Snack Food

Your confectionary needs a custom label or packaging that looks as sweet as they taste. Regardless of how you package your food products – jar, tin, box, bag, pouch, or wrapper – we have the capabilities to create the perfect custom label.


Lintec specializes in labels that are designed to be durable and withstand the harshest and most extreme conditions. Our high quality labels are long-lasting, and weather and chemical-resistant, ensuring that safety and productivity are never compromised.


Your product packaging labels need to stand up to the punishment during the shipping and handling process from your warehouse to your distribution centers. Lintec is the trusted provider for cannabis labels, shrink sleeves, and flexible packaging for all types of cannabis businesses.