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Let Lintec Label & Flexible Packaging Solutions be the catalyst that transforms your product into the one customers can't resist.

Whether you’re launching your business or revamping a best-selling product—Lintec is your best choice for label and flexible packaging solutions that will help you win customers, drive sales and grow your business.

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We make a great product, but there is no doubt that we are in the business of people. At Lintec, we are committed, passionate and uncompromising in our quest to deliver the best customer service imaginable. This means providing our customers with valuable insights and recommendations, quick turnaround times, fast and flexible delivery options, while maintaining a premium standard of quality. Our vision and unassailable desire to exceed your expectations is what makes our team at Lintec something special, and not what you would expect from an industrial supplier. We are your partners.

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Our capabilities and expert team are here to help you find the right label and flexibile packaing solution for your products.