From Proof to Press, Lintec gets your Products Flying off the Shelves

Our Technical Tools allow us to deliver with Power and Precision.

Estimating - It all begins with Accuracy

Lintec has access to hundreds of label constructions to fit your brand.
Our products range from papers or films, clear, white or coloured, rubber or acrylic, removable or permanent, paper or PET, roll-to-roll or layflat. We will work with you to combine the right substrate, adhesive and liner to fit your needs.

Whether for Food, Beverage, Health Care, Automotive, or Shipping, we have the right label for you.

Esko software / Plate making - Custom Created. Elegantly Designed.

Lintec produces all of our high definition plates in-house. Using Esko software with Dupont Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) allows Lintec to manage artwork every step of the way, from proof to press, with no third party involvement. Our water wash plate process is solvent free, reducing our environmental footprint.

Presses - The Power in the Process.

Our Mark Andy flexographic presses are all less than 12 years old and are kept maintained in top condition. The operators on our team bring between 10 and 30 years of experience in flexography to our press room. We are capable of printing from 0 to 10 colours at a time, including options for printing on the liner and adhesive and a variety of coatings or laminations. We die cut all shapes and sizes to your specification and can add perforations, undercuts and sheeting all in-line on our versatile equipment. Our Mark Andy Digital press brings another dimension to Lintec - using a CMYK print engine instead of plates and ink, digital can be an ideal solution for short runs, varied skus or one-time only promotions. Each of our presses, including Digital, uses the same tooling and materials, giving us the flexibility and reliability to produce your labels.

Rewind - Home Stretch. Let’s Roll.

Our rewind department is well equipped to meet your finished roll requirements. Capable of up to 15" outside diameter and inside core diameters ranging from 0.75" to 3". Each of our slitter-rewinders employs measures to ensure quality control prior to packaging. This includes one vision system, which automatically compares each label to a set target. We can also offer back-numbering to support your quality systems.

Technical “Stats”

For you technically oriented folks - here are some details about our equipment.

Technical "Stats"

Lintec Flexo Capabilities

State of the Art 10 Colour Label Press • Back Printing • Adhesive Printing

High Definition In House Plate Making • IRC Coupons • UV & Water Base Inks

Short to Long Run Capabilities

Custom Labels

• Up to 10 Colour Product Labels • Hundreds of Stock Dies
• Roll, Fanfold or Laser Sheet Finishing Available • Consecutive Numbering & Barcodes


• Food, Produce & Beverage • Retail • Promotional
• Packaging / Shipping • Automotive • Healthcare
• Manufacturing / Production • Pharmaceutical • Nutraceutical

Technical "Stats"

Lintec Digital Press Capabilities

Designed for short run prime labels, offering an optimal balance of digital and flexo.

Multiple Sku Capabilities

Four Colour Process

Single Station which can be used for a Spot Colour, Varnish, Lamination, or Cold Foil Station

High Quality Prints

Faster Turnaround Time


Green Initiative

Lintec has implemented a company wide recycling program which not only includes our office paper waste but also the waste material created in both our flexography printing and offset printing processes. Lintec has added UV Ink printing capabilities to our label press to reduce VOC emissions created during the drying process of Water Based Inks.

We Recycled UV Inks

Our UV Inks are recycled with a registered waste recycling company.

Water Is Recycled and Reused

Our in house plate making system uses recycled water to wash out our plates instead of harmful solvents.

We Offer Recycled Materials

Corn based and recycled content label materials are offered as an environmentally conscience choice to our customers.
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